The 4th game from Mrs. Wobbles & the Tangerine House.

Open your cereal box, and get ready for a spy ADVENTURE!

In this choice-based game spy adventure, you play as Juan or Ichel, two siblings who live in the Tangerine House, a magical foster care home run by the loving Mrs. Wobbles, who may or may not be a witch. 

The MISSION: When their Life Book is stolen by the evil Voodoo Dude, the kids lose their one photo of their parents. To get it back, they find themselves in the middle of a spy adventure with their birth mom and dad that takes them out into Los Angeles and into Mexico.  

The game: Use spy gadgets, jetpacks, and flying beds as you explore Los Angeles neighborhoods, while trying to help your birth parents.  Along the way, earn points by discovering poems and reading bonus text!

About the Marino family: We make these as a forever (adoptive) family  to help spread awareness of the emotional reality of foster care in a fanciful adventure.

The Marino Family

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